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Zoho Survey Review 2021: Make Money With Survey Creation Online

Zoho Survey

In my very recent post, I did a review on InboxDollars as a company and how much you can make from their website/app. The options never end, as I was reviewing few websites, I came across a smart way of making money online and you can start today and that is through survey creation with Zoho Survey.

Yes, you heard that right, you can create your own surveys and case study and collect data and demographics.

Zoho Survey lets you create an online survey and questionnaires for free. Find out how to use the Zoho survey and create your own survey online today for free.

Zoho Survey has over 25 question types and plenty of features Zoho survey lets you design your own survey with customizable themes, view report responses, view individual responses, and share reports with team members to collaborate.

What is Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is a simply elegant and instinctive survey builder that lets you create surveys in just under one minute.

Once you sign up you start building from scratch, add multiple questions and design it the way that suits your brand best.

Once your survey is created, it will be automatically optimized for all devices, so you don’t have to go through the pain of making it mobile-friendly.

You share your surveys on any social media platform.

Zoho survey is integrated with Zoho CRM, Google sheet, Zoho sheets, Zoho campaigns, Mailchimp, and Facebook. All this for free!

Why do you need to create your own survey

Zoho Survey

Surveys offer a standardized method of collecting both quotative and qualitative data from individuals.

Creating your own survey is a great marketing tool to generate and collect data for customers satisfaction and get feedback. for instance, if you have a blog that is in the food niche and talks about food recipes.

The only way to know how to good your customers are finding the recipes is if you create a short survey that asks them questions about the topic.

This way you get more audience, improve your blog, and know what recipes your audience tends to like most.

Survey questions don’t have to be long and in-depth if you are targeting the right people, you will get the results that improve your business.

Zoho survey in this case is the best tool for a survey builder.

Simply because of how in-depth the data analysis reports and features are. Zoho survey lets you build surveys, access reports, share and export them too.

Zoho Survey features

The first step to creating a survey is to give a name for the survey. After naming the survey, Zoho will take you into the survey builder, the design is really simple and is all based on simply dragging and dropping items.

There are around 25 question types to choose from.

There is an easier option if you don’t have time to build a survey to choose from.

Zoho Survey lets you create a survey from pre-built templates where you can even choose questions that are relevant to your survey.

Starting with a leading question is the best first step.

Designing a survey with Zoho is so flexible to the point where you can make an option for questions to be mandatory and also add another option as a choice for the respondents to choose if they do not find the given choices appropriate.  

You can choose the way answers will be displayed and much more advanced options!

Zoho IQ

Not only does Zoho offer a great survey creation service but it also helps to win the competition with other businesses.

If two businesses are in the same niche, one can outperform the other drastically by simply using Zoho IQ.

If both businesses have similar websites, give unbelievable discounts, and provide terrific service.

One Of them will always outperform the other, the reason for that is customer engagement. Using the right tool that allows you to communicate with every site visitor.

Zoho IQ is an all-in-one online customer engagement platform that allows any business to communicate with every site visitor at every stage.

You can easily understand and observe how visitors interact with your website in real-time much more like Google Analytics but Zoho IQ allows you to send personalized messages!

You can use the live chat feature to assist customers right away when they need to. Plus enabling chat on Facebook and Telegram makes it even more simple.

You decide if Zoho IQ is for your type of business or not. Usually, it is.  

Improve Your Business

Part of Zoho Survey’s great services is sentiment analysis to improve your business. Sentiment analysis is a very powerful technique that lets you analyze the sentiment behind a given piece of text whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.

Sentiment analysis lets you:

  • Understand your customers better.
  • Earn more revenue.
  • Improve your products and services.

The emails you receive from customers on a daily can be prioritized based on the response.

Zoho can scan the content of every email to predict either a positive-negative or neutral tone with a facial expression next to each email.

If the email Sentiment is negative your sales reps can schedule a follow-up call to identify your customers and resolve them straight away.

Act on negative feedback

With sentiment analysis, your support agents can quickly act on negative customer feedback. decision-makers in the business can see the terms that led to the respective sentiment to understand the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Make your website SEO friendly

Zoho Survey

It is important to make a good first impression. Ensure that your website is not only optimized for users but also for search engines.

Include alt tags for all your images, ensure your website loads in two seconds or less and write a meta description for each page.

Your meta description is like your ad within the serves so make it as appealing and relevant as possible.

This will drive more organic clicks to your website  

Making money with zoho survey

With all of Zoho’s great services, we can see that it is not a direct way of making money however, all the useful insights and customer interaction always mean more revenue in terms of running a successful business.

Once you get the feedback you need, it will be much easier to know what to fix in your business and how to fix it.

Targeting an audience and leading more sales will be more flexible because all the useful data you have gathered can be then translated into new performance.

The right marketing is always the key when it comes to making more money with your blog or a website.

Make sure you take advantage of what Zoho as a company has to offer from survey creations to improve your overall performance. Positive customer experience is what your business target should be.

I hope you found this review somewhat helpful and thinking about starting with Zoho Survey. Don’t forget to subscribe for more useful and helpful content

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