Saving Money Challenges

Saving money challenges

A new and smart way of saving more money is by trying exciting challenges that will make the process more fun.

So, Want to make more money? Well, according to many financial experts saving money is the first and most important step to making more money.

Saving doesn’t necessarily mean having to cut your usual expenses and money related fun activities or harsh budgeting that will make your life much harder!

Most people give up halfway while on a budget or a reduced monthly spending plan.

Because Let’s be honest, saving money requires some sort of self-discipline and patience but, is there any way to ease the process?

How about having fun while saving money?

The only way to succussed at something is to have fun doing it and it is the same with saving, you must enjoy the process of saving money in order to see results. That is only done through fun money-saving challenges.  

Implementing fun and exciting challenges will make saving money much easier and you will be surprised at how much you are capable of saving in just a short amount of time without having to stress over a strict budget.

7 fun Saving money challenges

Weather money challenge

This is a fun one. It is a challenge that you take your weather app and you will take Wednesday’s weather (the middle day of the week) and whatever the highest temperature is on Wednesday you have to save that amount of money.

So, if it is 30 degrees on a Wednesday you have to save $30 on that week. This number could be higher or lower. I’m in Perth and it gets really hot here in summer up to 43 degrees Celsius.

But, If you are in a cold place and the weather degrees are in the negatives, you are still ought to save that amount depending on the number!

If it is zero degrees, that is a free week. If it is one or two degrees outside. You only have to save that amount.

Consistency is key. Therefore, make sure you are doing it throughout the months. Winter, spring, summer or autumn.

A Pretty simple and fun way of saving. I wish I knew this earlier.

cents-bottle challenge

Anytime that you have a ten/twenty or fifty cents from a change back, you put it into a jar, a 2-liter bottle or a wine bottle. Whatever you prefer.

At the end of the time when it is all filled up, you will be shocked at how much money you have and the amazing part behind this is how much those cents will add up to after the jar is filled to the max.

I would recommend going to the dollar tree or your local bank to cash in those dimes.

Pro tip:

Track your savings

I want you to track your savings, have a specific goal by knowing where that saving is going to.

In most cases, you end up spending that money you saved.

Break this tragic cycle by investing in side hustles or online jobs such as blogging, affiliate marketing or drop-shipping that will make more money passively, in a more advanced term. Passive Income.


The partner program challenge

It is a saving challenge where you get a bunch of trustworthy friends together and you save money together quickly.

Have a set amount of money to put weekly or monthly (depending on preferable) that each person has to pay.

Basically, rotate who gets the money and when they get it.

This one works amazingly if you want a big amount of money in a short amount of time.

The 52- week money challenge

It is really simple to do. Starting with the first week of January you’re going to save $1 for that week.

In the second week of January, you are going to save $2, the third week of January $3 and the fourth week you are going to save $4 and so on and so forth until you reach the end of the year.

There are 52 weeks in a year, by the fifty-second week of the year you should be getting $52 for that week.

The grand total that you are going to save if you complete this challenge successfully is $1378!

This is a great challenge for saving more money and pretty damn convenient.

$5 a week challenge

You are going to save around $6900 in a year with $5 a week. In week number one you are going to save $5 and week number two you are going to save $10 and so every week you are going to save an additional $5 than the previous week.

What I really find amazing about this challenge is that you are going to progressively save more so, what is a little increment as a $5 increment which is totally doable will save you big time.

This method could save you if you are in debt, have house payments or have a big vacation coming up.

$1 a day challenge

This is a super simple challenge, and anyone can do it. It is especially good for beginners that are new to the saving game.

You save a dollar a day starting from the month of January, you just set aside a dollar a day and at the end of the year you should have $365.

It is a good way to save especially if you are on a tight limited income.

The $5 bill money challenge


Whenever you receive a 5$ you are ought to lock it away until the end of the year. Unlike many other saving money challenges. This one doesn’t have a set format for week-to-week savings.

It depends on your spending habits for instance if you are at target and the total comes to $11 and you hand the cashier $20 bill, you will likely get a five to add to your savings.

Those $5 will slowly start to add a stack up.

Those were the 7 saving money challenges that make saving money much easier and more fun with less stress and hassles. Make sure you try them out now to see results later.

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