Blog Niche Ideas: Top Profitable Easy To Start Blog Niches 2021

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blog niche ideas

For anyone that is starting their passive income journey online, blogging is usually the top-notch option among many other options that are reliable and easy to start but not as guaranteed to make you money as blogging is (at least according to me). That is why searching for blog niche ideas is always the ideal before starting.

Researching for blog niche ideas will help you get an overall idea of what to make your blog about. Also, what are the most profitable niches so, you are not wasting much time!

With many people joining the blogging industry there is one thing that pup up into their mind and that is how to make money blogging, what are the top ways in which one can monetize their blog/website to generate revenue, and what are the most profitable niches to start with.

If you blog just to make money or money is your only motive, that is totally fine, as long as it keeps you motivated and pushes you forward to do more!

The truth is that beginners have a lot to learn and explore before starting their long blogging journey.  

And I say long because if you simply think the short term in this industry, unfortunately, you won’t last long as there are so many competitors out there. That is why need as many blog niche ideas as possible.

Competitors think long-term about how to grow their blog on a daily basis and the direction of where it is headed.

Reality check

blog niche ideas

There is no such thing as ‘make money quickly’ or ‘profitable niches to start making money quick’, now before you get aggressive and confused, making money in any way shape or form requires two things, time and money.

You simply work hard by giving up your time and with consistency and patience, you start to see results for how much effort you put in.

There are many profitable niches out there but, the truth is you can make or break that by simply how much work, time, or money you put in.

For example, if you enter the blogging industry with a business/marketing niche(which is profitable and competitive) but don’t put any work or effort into your blog you won’t make any money.


blog niche ideas

Whatever niche you are in, making money is generally dependent on many factors that you can take control over.

The main one is Marketing, the way you market your blog determines the traffic, success, and exposure which determining the overall revenue.

Monetization methods, I have written an informative article on the most effective ways a blogger can make money. I suggest you read that article to give you a head start from where you can begin.

So, marketing and monetization methods are the two main factors for determining how profitable your blog niche is. It is in your control! Hard work is the key element and cement to any vital success in any aspect of life.

You must work hard through connecting the right work ethics and motivation when building a blog especially a very profitable one. That could be through internal linking, back linking, or writing guest posts.

Work harder every single day on your website and articles. Practicing SEO strategies to see what works best for your site, daily promotion, website maintenance, entertaining audience through long informative articles that they will enjoy reading.

Building an online business

blog niche ideas

Blogging is in my opinion and many others the first step into building an online business and should be treated as so. You first need to identify what’s the niche that you are going to write about in the long term and the market that you are going to grow it in.

Any business that exists on the internet despite their products or service, all exist within a certain niche or market.

You only get rewarded for the value you provide as simple as that.

There are millions of different niches and markets that exist out there on the internet and I believe that there’s a niche for all of us, one that aligns with our interests and passions.

Some blog niches are more profitable than others, some of them are more competitive than others and some of them have more potential.

Plenty of blog niche ideas, it really comes down to doing the research and whatever niche or market that you decide, you’ve got to go deep with it. Before I few of the most profitable blog niche ideas (in terms of the high demand).

I just want to make clear that with whatever niche you chose to write about you have to always narrow it down into sub-niches and be more specific as it is a way to differentiate yourself from many others out there that are writing about the same topic.

For example, if you really like electronics and are passionate about it, don’t just list your favorite products, go deep explaining what problems they solve or how you can use them for your own benefit.

Narrowing down ideas is helpful for brainstorming.  

Building domain authority I would highly suggest you read Carl Davies article on 3 ways to become an authority in your niche. 

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The Three Biggest Niches And Most Profitable As Of 2020

These niches have been around for a very long time as their demands are very high and consecutive.


blog niche ideas

The need to strive to improve our health in some ways shape or form is in our human nature. Now, that is a very broad idea/niche you can always break it down into something more specific, this could be exercise tips, mental health and physical routine workouts. There are thousands of little sub nations that exist within that health niche, health is just an umbrella. There are many out there that want to lose weight! (I’m one!) create valuable unique tips and guide on how to do so.

What is good about this niche is that it has many affiliate products that are somewhat easy to promote as there are a lot of products out there that are health-related.


Top Profitable Easy To Start Blog Niches 2020

Yep, that is right, who doesn’t want to read about wealth and major aspects of achieving more money through the different sources of income passively.

How to make more money, sources of passive income or how to start a business with little to no money.

This niche is endless with ideas and affluence that everyone and I mean every single person is interested in (Unless you already have made enough money and can’t be bothered reading). This could be tips for after retirement, budgeting, money-saving tips, investing in stocks or how to do dividend stock, how to start a business, or even make money blogging. I mean wealth is really a subject of matter to everyone and has endless topics.


blog niche ideas

Come on now, who doesn’t want a piece of relationship advice? Relationships are biologically built into us.

This niche among the two niches listed above is what anyone would give a shot reading and take time throughout their day to improve their perspective on, especially relationships.

We all have the urge to procreate if you are a man maybe it’s learning how to meet women or how to meet another man if you are gay, same goes for women.

Many other sub-niches to relationships such as meeting the opposite sex, how to find the right partner, tips on the first date, or how to deal with a divorce.

That is a huge market that I don’t see why you should start with.

As you can see, niches that are profitable are ones with very high demand that everyone would take time out of their day reading and learning about.

These were few blog niche ideas that have are easy to write about and have high-paying PRM. I hope you got your motivation to start writing today.

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