How To Earn Money Through Affiliate Programs As A Beginner

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The Ultimate Guide For Successful Affiliate Marketing
The Ultimate Guide For Successful Affiliate Marketing
As a Beginner Blogger or anyone that wants to start Making Money from home/online one of the first terms that they start reading about and exploring in depth to make ’easy money’, after blogging and investing is usually affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. But, why is that?
As a blogger one of the best/easy ways to start monetizing your blog is to familiarise yourself with Affiliate Marketing and to start applying for partnership with affiliate programs.
Through those affiliate programs in which you got accepted depending on your traffic, you can apply to companies to promote their product/ service through an affiliate link in which you can promote on your website/blog or even social media platforms.
See, the harsh fact is that more than 95% of newbies/beginnersfail to do affiliate marketing with success. 
If it is so simple, why isn’t everyone making money by just promoting a link through a program in which they got accepted in? 
Affiliate marketing is way more complex than what it seems to be, in this article I’ll be covering every aspect of affiliate marketing leaving you with a higher chance of succeeding and earning more if you follow the strategies that I’ll be showing you, in which they need consistency in order to see results.
Affiliate Marketing in its simplest form
Affiliate Marketing in its simplest form
It is the process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s product or service.
By you promoting someone else’s product or service through an affiliate link which is a link you can get from a company. Anyone clicks on that link and buys the product you can earn a commission up to 15% depending on the company.
Just like any other passive income stream, once you build it up it can continue to earn money for months, if not years to come while you can go ahead and focus on newer businesses, newer ventures or just focus in your passion and do what you want to do.
Why most beginners fail at affiliate marketing and how You can AVOID IT?
There are many Affiliate programs out there that give you the ability to join for free and promote their products and earn a commission.
Having a website with decent traffic, a blog or a social media account where you have enough visitors following your content is essential for your affiliate marketing partnership. You may get rejected with some programs in which they require a high traffic sourced websites of more than 100k visitors a month.
Why start with Affiliate Marketing

#1 Easier to sell other people’s products/service than to sell your own

#1 Easier to sell other people's products/service than to sell your own

What I mean by this is, for example, Nike, Adidas, everyone has heard of these brands and they have affiliate programs! it is so much easier to sell someone on Nike or Adidas than it is on your own brand.

If you were to start your own clothing line today that no ones heard of, no one’s seen TV commercials, no athletes that wear your clothing or endorse your product, it is going to be extremely hard to sell that at such a mass volume or scale as it is to sell Nike or Adidas.


#2 Extremely low risk due to lack of overhead

With affiliate marketing you don’t have to spend on products expenses, so you don’t have to buy the product, ship it, distribute it, handle customer complaints or do much else than promoting, selling, marketing. So, basically you can start affiliate marketing for free using your phone.

#3 You learn marketing and Sales

Those are two of the most valuable skills in any business. Period!
Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to learn marketing and sales, which are two of the most valuable skills in any business. To start any business, you need to know marketing, you need to know sales or else you’re not going to sell…

#4 Passive income

Just like any other passive income stream, once you build it up, it can continue to earn money for months, if not years to come while you can go ahead and focus on newer businesses, newer ventures or just focus in your passion and do what you want to do.
Why most beginners fail at affiliate marketing and how You can AVOID IT


Why most beginners fail at affiliate marketing and how You can AVOID IT


#1No patience

People don’t have enough patience to see and get results. At anything in life in order to see your hard work pay off, you must be patient enough to wait for the results to show up.

With successful affiliate marketing, it is going to take time to get results. Most people give up too soon because they are not patient enough to wait to get the results.

#2 Valuable service

Most Beginner Bloggers don’t focus Mainly on providing valuable content/ information to delight the reader/visitor. 

As you start to createcontent in whatever niche you have, you need to thrive your focus into giving the reader valuable content. 

What most people do when they start with affiliate marketing is focus on selling and nobody likes that but, if you change the way you market your business and you provide valuable information and then you recommend products or service that is how you overcome that.

#3 Understand the HUSTLE

This is the most reasonable reason as to why most affiliates fail because they don’t treat it like a business. You must show up everyday and work no matter what. If you want to be successful at affiliate marketing you’ve got to be able and willing to hustle every single day and that is to CREATE CONTENT.
Create content every single day to move your business forward.
Affiliate Links


Affiliate Links
An affiliate referral link/URL is the link that you receive once you get accepted into a company’s affiliate program in which you can promote it through your preferred interrogation. When someone clicks on the link and buys the product/service you earn a commission up to 15% or even more depending on the merchant.
Ways to integrate Affiliate Marketing
There are a couple of ways to integrate affiliate marketing into your life and into your income streams:

#1 Blogging

#1 Blogging

Through blogging in which you can get massive traffic whether it is organic or from social media you can get sales by creating helpful, useful and enjoying content.

Now, if you are a Beginner you are going to need to know a lot before starting. But the good news is that it is mostly covered on my blog.

Whether you write a whole article, briefly mention it or putting it on your side bar, there are plenty of ways in which you can promote your affiliate links.

#2Social media

#2Social media
There are plenty of social media platforms out there. Depending on your niche find where most of your targeted audience are located and start promoting and growing your content and following. Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, Twitter or whatever other social platform you prefer. 

If you have built a following on those platforms, it is easy to promote an affiliate link. 

If you are just starting out, Don’t Worry because I had created Efficient Plain Tips For Social Media Marketing in which you can follow if you are a beginner.
Popular affiliate programs to join as Beginner


Creative Market

Creative market is a place for anyone that wants to buy graphic design, social media banners, templates, web size fonts photos and much more.

It is a great place especially for bloggers where most the products that you will be promoting are blogging related such as Canva (where you can create great posters for your blog/social media photos). 

They reward you with 10% cut of everything your referred customer buys for a full year! I’m an affiliate, so whenever you sign up through this page and buy a product you like, I earn commission.
What I love most about Creative market is that it has plenty of products/opportunities especially for a beginner to kick start their affiliate marketing journey.

Their easy to promote products especially on Pinterest has made it outstanding for me.





If you are looking for plenty of easy and amazing to use affiliate network links, then shareAsale is the one for you. What makes ShareASale unique is that it has a lot of companies that are willing to auto approve you once you request.
Whether you are a beginner or an affiliate pro this network is amazing for bloggers and easy to navigate.

With a higher commission rates in comparison to most affiliate programs out there.

I’m a ShareASale affiliate. And I can assure you it is the easiest way to find a sponsor for your website plus Get Paid for your great content. 😊


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is essentially an affiliate program that started in 1996, it is one of the oldest affiliate programs.

You can promote virtually any product that is available on amazon’s marketplace, so this opens up every single niche and market that you can think of because Amazon has everything aside from digital products that aren’t TV, movie or video games.

The only downside to Amazon associates is the commission rates are low, the average around is around 4% to 8% for most products that you would be promoting.

However, there’s so many products on Amazon which can be promoted bunch at a time. They have amazing products which are great to promote such as Those Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds  .

I’m An Affiliate with amazon associates and it is a great way to start your affiliate marketing journey.
Tips for a successful campaign with affiliate links to increase chances of sales

#1Do a product review

#1Do a product review

Yes, buy the product yourself and do a product review through a short video or a screen sharing view and show your viewers what the product is about. Depending on the product, for example, if its an information product you can do a behind-the-scene of some of the things that they’re going to have access to when they make the purchase.
This strategy gives you credibility because it shows that you actually own the product.

 #2Have your own bonuses

 #2Have your own bonuses
Be Special. You must give people an incentive to want to buy from you over all of the other people, I mean there are plenty of other creators that are trying out the same as you are. You must be unique and you have to really figure that out through creating content and see what works best for you.
A great way to differentiate from others is by offering extra service FOR FREE. It could be a mini course a product or a webinar with you or even a hidden blog post. That gives people an extra incentive to make them want to buy from you over all of the other people out there.
That was the end to this long guide on how to earn your first $1000 through affiliate programs as a beginner or even more. Hope you found this article helpful, I have covered mostly what it takes to be an affiliate success and increase chances of making more money and sales.

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