How To Use Brilliant Directories To Dominate Your Market

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How To Use The Best Directory Software To Expand Your Own Market  
How To Use The Best Directory Software To Expand Your Own Market


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90%of business Do Not have an online website!

When starting a business, most entrepreneurs and business owners neglect the opportunity to expand their business through the online industry. Best way in which you can do so, is by taking it online through a website.

Building an online website is the most efficient way to reach out to potential future customers. It is basically a global access for customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cost savings, faster delivery of products, increases professionalism, less paper waste and much more.

After you have acknowledged the importance of having an online website to manage and take control over your business. Here comes the problem that many business owners face after a while of running things through their online website which frightens them to failure.


With so many online websites to compete with, it is a hard task to remain relevant in your niche industry, but it is not impossible.
Implementing the right SEO strategies could make the job much easier to attain. However, the problem is that Google changes their Search Engine Optimization algorithm frequently, making it hard to stay on top of the game.
So, what is the solution? you may ask. Building a directory site is the best solution as if by now.
What is a directory site?


What is a directory site?


A Directory website is dedicated to a certain subject (your business idea). It is sole purpose is to bring together a bunch of websites in one category to make searching easier for a surfer. Think about it as a collaboration with other businesses in which you can get paid promoting and expanding others/your own business.
For example, if you have a business that is related to vehicles, you would break them down into more categories, like: cars, vans, repairs, parts, heavy duty, etc…
You also have to find regional and national directories. Marketingdirectories is by far much easier than marketing an Ecommerce site. The hard work is the building and maintenance of the site. 

As website owners look to find directories to submit to then the owners of the directory don’t have to keep looking for link swaps which takes quite time and effort to do properly, website owners find them. 

A little link exchange to stat with would be ideal as otherwise you will not be found. Just keep submitting to the search engine everyone that you can find.
Building one takes a lot of planning. You have to research all the categories that you will be placing into the site. Then you have to find websites to put in there.

Many of the directory owners start with Affiliate Programs then build on that.
As you can see there is a lot of work upfront in order to dominate your market.

Brilliant directories has made every aspect of building a directory website much easier and more flexible.
Why do you need to attach a business directory to your niche/business? 

Discover New opportunities for your business


Discover New opportunities for your business
Connecting with new businesses that are similar to your niche and asking to collaborate through feature on your site, could be a great way to find new opportunities that lead to more success in terms of exposure, sales and recognition.
More revenue




More revenue


As after a while of working hard on your business, you slowly start building an income. On top of the main income, there are plenty of ways in which you can monetize your directories such as selling leads, displaying ads, selling featured listing placement and/or premium listing features. It is an opportunity you can’t miss out on.
Brilliant Directories is one of the best directory software that helps you build membership websites to own your industry.

The pages and websites are Google friendly right out of the box, this is one of the most important parts of a good platform. The easy to navigate and use software is what differentiate Brilliant Directories from many directory platforms out there such as WordPress, 6Cube, SEOSamba and many more.
Why go for Brilliant Directories?
Brilliant Directory is the only platform that has built in plugins to handle Email Marketing, Member Management, Social Integration, Powerful Monetization Tools, Portals to find Professionals, Auto-Recurring subscription.

Brilliant directories has made the job much easier and more flexible. All you need is to sign up and start from there!

With brilliant directories everything is possible in the directory business industry.
Design and branding
Brilliant directories has many unique design settings. You can go as far in depth of designing your website as possible, you can design your own logo on the website.
Instant SEO rankings
This is what you need to focus on when choosing a platform. This aspect could make or break your business.
Brilliant directories has dynamic SEO settings in which you can configure to easily rank your website on Google.
Email marketing
Email marketing has never been easier. Brilliant directories has so many options in order to configure your listings and import them. Members can join on their own, while you control everything from the admin area.
More revenue
You can generate additional revenue by selling and managing banner ad spaces.
Coupon codes
you want to be able to offer coupon codes for discounted listing rates for businesses.
In conclusion building a website is important but attaching a directory one to your niche is even more necessary in order to dominate you market.

Brilliant directories has made everything 10 times easier in terms of design, starting, management, configuration, SEO, local directories guide and much more. All you need to do is give it try to earn extra money.
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