How Do Bloggers Make Money: An Easy To Follow Guide

How Do Bloggers Make Money

how do bloggers make money

How do bloggers make money is a common question and I am here to reveal to you a few of the common ways bloggers make their money. Starting a blog is by far the best thing I have ever rewarded myself with. Blogging as a beginner was not easy for me. In fact, I spent a lot of time studying the industry, the right niche, and the targeted audience before I started.

Blogging had taught me everything I needed to know on time management, dedication, consistency, and hard work.  

Through writing long informative articles, blogging taught me the patience to see my articles rank through implementing the right SEO tactics and seeing results after the right amount of time.

Consistency is key

If you are not willing to stick to it for as long as you make it by getting the right number of visitors, blogging is not the right career for you. Time management is essential as you must organize a schedule and a certain day to publish your articles.

Sticking to a schedule that works best for your lifestyle and your website will help you accomplish big achievements through exposure, ranking, and traffic flow.

Not sticking to a schedule will make publishing an article ten times harder than it is. So, make sure you have a schedule that you can implement. Time management skills will pay off through Google rankings and traffic count after a while.  

Hard work is the key

Element and cement to any vital success in any aspect of life. You must work hard through connecting the right work ethics and motivation when building a blog especially a very profitable one. 

Work harder every single day on your website and articles. Building backlinks, practicing SEO strategies to see what works best for your site, daily promotion, website maintenance, entertaining audience through a long informative article that they will enjoy reading. 

You must be willing to undergo all those steps in order to build a profitable blog that will generate money through your burning desire and work ethic.  

Following these steps when starting a blog is a must in order to see results and start making money as your blog will grow each day, maintenance and consistency are a must.

Is blogging still worth it in 2021?

how do bloggers make money

In the short term, the answer is No. In the Long term, the short answer is Yes. Blogging is one of the most flexible jobs you can have, and the earning potential is limitless!  

It may take up to 6 months even a year without seeing any money however, people who stick to it while implementing the right strategies will see the results slowly over the long run. It is not an overnight success nor is it a get-quick rich scheme.

The video industry is taking over with so many bloggers now mixing written content with filmed one. In my opinion for entertainment purposes, adapting and producing video content will help you remain relevant in the blogging industry during 2021. embedding videos in your articles will make visitors stay longer on your website.

It is estimated that 2 million articles are being published daily. That is heavy competition, especially for a start-up.  

You must find your own unique way to stand out from the rest whether it is by selling free service to your audience or producing videos. Finding a new source of enjoyment to remain relevant in 2021 is essential.  

The good news is, people who have succeeded in the blogging industry are no different than you. If they did it, you can do it too!

Taking care of your audience

how do bloggers make money

Your website should be providing all the answers out for your audience and the way you can do that is through funneling your entire website. When somebody lands on your blog, they shouldn’t just see the most recent post.

They should see content that is going to hook them in and essentially give them the first step in whatever your niche is.  

When you think of the layout of your blog don’t think that you just need the most recent posts and the subscriber’s incentive up there. You should be planning out the entire path you want people to walk through throughout your entire business, it is not about your blog posts anymore.  

Building an Email List

how do bloggers make money

Emil marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, sales and increase revenue. This is vital in the blogging industry as building an email list will help sustain traffic and engagement within your audience. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you are in a business-to-consumer or a business-to-business market.

The fact is, the people you are trying to reach use email. An email list is a list of people who have signed up to receive emails from you, however, that is not always the case. One of the ways that you can build your email list is through selling free items/services in which it requires entering a client’s email.

Here is the part that most people want to jump to. Notice how I made this part the last section in this article as there are so many aspects to building a ‘money-generating’ blog that should be mastered first.

That is one of the simple strategies you can scale up your email list. What makes email marketing so special is that unlike almost every other marketing channel out there email gives you direct access to your customers, this means you can create a message specifically for them and have it delivered straight to their inbox at the click of a button.  

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Affiliate programs

how do bloggers make money

A simple way on how do bloggers make money is through affiliate marketing. It is where you promote a product or service and you get paid every time you drive a sale. There are lots of networks out there that have affiliate offers such as amazon associates, creative market, or ShareAsale.

Sell digital products

how do bloggers make money

From eBooks to courses, the options are limitless. Online courses can be a great source of passive income. Here’s how they work: you create a value-packed online course that helps solve a problem or fills a need. The course can include videos, e-books, and emails with pertinent information.

Customers sign up to purchase the course, and your system automatically emails them everything they need to access the materials. This is a great way to start building your email list too.

Google AdSense

It is something that Google provides and allows you to put ads on your site. Put it throughout your text, sidebar. Every time a visitor clicks on a displayed ad you will make money. There are many alternatives to Google ads that pay well too such as  

Creating a directory website that is related to your blogging niche

Another option that I have discussed in an earlier article is that creating a directory website in relation to your niche can expand your business by dominating the market. Increase your revenue and increase business to business opportunities.

That was a heads-up guide on do most bloggers make their money. Remember patience is adequate in order to succeed in your niche. Now is the right time to get started on your blog and build your email list.

Hope you found this article helpful and got an over idea of the amount of opprtunities you hvae once you start a blog. It somrthing that pays down the line and will always be relevant.

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