What is the future of blogging and blogs

What Is The Future Of Blogging And Blogs? Find Out Now

What Does The Future Of Blogging And Bloggers Hold For Them

future of blogging

What does the future of blogging and bloggers hold for them? Is There Another trend that is going to dominate? Are Vlogs and Video Creators taking over? Find the answers and more.

Running a blog is hard, very hard with the consistency and patience required. As we approach a new year a lot of things change dramatically. But what does that mean to Bloggers?

Blogging is going to grow and will keep growing even down the line after five years, after ten years. People will be Needing Content.  

The only thing which would be changing is the Medium. The way people used to consume video content 2/3 years back has changed dramatically.  

If you want to find a solution to any of your questions. You go to Google; you will see a lot of video content. This is a change we are seeing right now from the text to the video.  

Now, the next time how technology changes, the way we consume content will also change. For example, when you want to find an answer, you do a voice search and you get an answer from Siri or Alexa.  

Well, that’s how the way we consume content would change. Now, how those devices will pick the content from the internet is going to define how the medium of blogging. However, there is one thing you can do to ensure your blogging career doesn’t fail!  

And that is building a tribe, building a community of people that believe in your idea and support your journey. If you start building a brand and a community, it will help you to stay relevant, survive after years to come, and stay on top of your game.  

With Blogging you got to Constantly break your own limitation, you must constantly Question yourself, am I stopping, or Am I growing?  

The moment you start challenging yourself, you realize that there is so much to do. Life is changing and evolving so is the future of blogging and blogs.  

Next year will be even more competitive, so what should you do?

Quality of content should be a top priority

Quality of content should be a top priority

The future blogging is going to be revolved around providing readers with the most helpful, valuable, informative content that you can.

Google is rewarding those blogs that are comprehensive in content, they really describe a subject in its entirety. One of the main aspects that you should be focusing on for future blogging is Quality content.

Incorporate YouTube videos into blog content

Incorporate YouTube videos into blog content

Like we already addressed earlier, video content is taking over Blogging and written content. It simply easier to reach and understand. 

Make sure you are going with the trend, create a YouTube channel around your Blog content, and start publishing it on your blog. Make sure to publish videos on a regular basis, just like you would with Blogging. Start a channel RIGHT NOW.

Ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly

future of blogging

This is an obvious area to focus on as a Blogger. The future of blogging is going to revolve around people navigating and searching the web on their mobile phones, it is already skyrocketing. Make sure that your blog or website is mobile-friendly. Google indexes the mobile version of your website first!    How to check if your website is mobile-friendly? Go to Google Mobile-Friendly Test to find out.

Utilize social media to share your content

Social media is always evolving there is always new platforms coming out but, the popularity of Social Media, in general, is not something to be overlooked especially as a Blogger.

The best social platforms for bloggers are Pinterest: create pins and share them

Instagram: a fast to build a community

Facebook: Facebook ad campaigns are very cheap, create a fan page and promote it for only $5, Quora, and Twitter.  

Overall, the future of blogging and blogs is looking bright with more video content being produced for the customer. embedding video content in articles helps with ranking. Follow the trend and stay relevant.

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