Ways To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner

The Ultimate Guide To Ways You Can Make Money Blogging
The Ultimate Guide To Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

One of the most asked questions by beginner bloggers or anyone that wants to start a blog for free is how one can make money blogging.
As discussed in many of my articles, the number one source of Passive Income that you can start from home right now for zero dollars is Blogging.
With today’s social media and technology moderation everything is possible if done the right way with patience and compassion. It is possible to get rich Blogging, but it isn’t easy.
Why Blogging?
Why Blogging?

Today, you can start a blog on WordPress, BlogSpot or any other preferable blogging platform for free, you only need a custom domain, which is relatively cheap at GoDaddy for nearly $13 a year! 

Blogging is one of the most flexible jobs you can have, and the earning potential is limitless. When you get a nice amount of people reading your article it brings a nice income. There are bloggers out there that are making between $2,000-$100,000+ per MONTH. It is possible.
A Deal Breaker
Before you think this is a get rich quick scheme, it is not. In order to build a successful blog, you need time. Having patience when building a blog from scratch is a necessity otherwise you will give up easily. Getting visitors needs patience. Are you willing to blog for 6 months with little number of visitors?

Consistency. To make money blogging you need to be consistence not only it helps sustain visitors, but it improves your overall writing skills and SEO (search engine optimization) exposure. You will be more recognised by Google!
Social media marketing. You must have a consistent social media promotion strategy to survive in this industry. Social media is more powerful than ever. Use a unique strategy for every social media platform to drive unique visitors to your blog.
Ways to make money Blogging as a Beginner
It is something that Google provides and allows you to put ads on your site. Put it throughout your text, sidebar. Every time a visitor clicks on a displayed ad you will make money.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs

It is where you promote a product or service and you get paid every time you drive a sale. There are lots of networks out there that have affiliate offers such as click bank.

Sell digital products
From eBooks to courses, the options are limitless. When you are selling digital products the best way to do it. 
Online courses can be a great source of passive income. Here’s how they work: you create a value-packed online course that helps solve a problem or fills a need. The course can include videos, e-books, and emails with pertinent information.
Customers sign up to purchase the course, and your system automatically emails them everything they need to access the materials.
That is right. One of the most popular ways Bloggers make money is promoting a product with a company. You must have a work with us page on your Blog so others can reach out to you.

Those were top ways to make money blogging as a beginner. Remember you must have a decent weekly/monthly visitor. To achieve that you must have good social media strategies.
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