Secrets For How To Write A Viral Blog

Tips On Helping You Write The Next Viral Post
Tips On Helping You Write The Next Viral Post

As a Blogger or a Business owner one thing that we all strive for is leading customers and visitors. Blogging is not easy, with many hours dedicated on writing and editing an article with the right keyword and promotion. It all takes up so much time and effort, but it is worth it when it goes Viral!
Many bloggers don’t realise the value of a viral blog, because they rarely aim for one. What most do is publish a typical post that is missing many secrets into making it a viral one. Today I will be sharing secrets for how to write your next viral blog post.

Despite giving you secrets and strategies that could help make your next article a viral one, having a viral post with many Social Mediashares, must contain a long, informative content that many people are looking for. See when writing an article, most Bloggers don’t consider or aim for a satisfying a need for a customer/visitor, that’s why their articles don’t end up with much exposure.

what is going viral?
what is going viral?

Going viral may not be what you think! It isn’t a number; it doesn’t mean when your post or YouTube views hit a million its gone viral. Viral is really a process in which your content is spread like a virus. 

Going viral for you could be a bad day for someone else.
If you have an average daily view on your Blog/website of a hundred visitors each day, going viral is like a steppingstone where 100 visitors turn into 300, the hour after 800. It keeps going up and up. That whole process is what is known as viral.

Going viral will bring in so many new visitors opening the doors for more opportunities and challenges along the way. But don’t think that is it. You have to work twice as hard just to maintain that balance.

Also, you have to know how to take advantage of all that exposure. Whether it is to make more money, work with more companies or expand your Blog/Business (which usually require money too!).

Here are 3 ways to write your next viral blog post
Catchy tittle Catchy title

It does not matter how amazing your Blog post is if no one is going to click on it unless you have a good title. Your title has to have something that is going to attract people, including words such as:
  • Best
  • Amazing
  • Efficient
  • Ways
  • Right now
  • That actually work.
And even including numbers in your title will higher the chances of audience visiting to the post.

Make sure your headline is around five to seven words. When your headlines are too long, for some reason, its overwhelming and people won’t want to share it.

On the other hand, when it is too short people don’t really know what your content is about and are not really going to share it.  

Invoke emotions through your content

Invoke emotions through your content

The thing with Blog posts and virality is that it is all about emotions, anything that goes viral is based on an emotion backline
People either sad, happy or furious if you can invoke these emotions and people you are much more likely to have content go viral. Emotions = people feel that they can relate to your post = virality.

Conversational tone

Conversational tone

If you are witting with the words “you” and “I”, you are creating a conversation with the reader they will feel the connection with you, they are more likely to engage and your content will come out way more professional.

I have ran you through some secrets that many blog posts went viral because of. Go and write your next viral blog post.

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