Efficient Plain Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing- All Tried And Tested

Social Media Marketing Hacks 2020
Social Media Marketing Hacks 2020
Whether you are a blogger, an online or local business owner. One thing that makes a business successful is satisfied customers.

Getting customers to your business is very crucial. In fact, 8 out of 10 business fail due to having no real differentiation in the social media market.

Having Social Media platforms is an asset to a successful business, however, despite having platforms all over social media. Businesses tend to find it hard gaining enough committed customers.
So, what is the reason you may ask?
The truth is that social media is way more complex than what it seems to be. In order to get more customers than your competition, you must follow Social Media Marketing tips your competitors haven’t figured out yet. You must have efficient plain tips for your social media marketing.
That is what I’ll be sharing with you today. Demonstrating efficient social media marketing tips. Tried and Tested …
Those social media marketing tips I’m going to be sharing with you today are not easy, though they require patience and consistency.
Social media marketing tool
It is fair too say that social media marketing has been around as long as the internet. Any time information is shared there is almost always word-of mouth action that accompanies it.
The vast array of social media outlets available to companies to help them ‘spread the word’. Here is a brief list of some of the most popular social media marketing websites:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
Social media marketing done the right way:
Social media marketing strategy: Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you have to use every social media marketing tool out there. Likewise, don’t use the tools without having a strategy to what you are doing.
make the right first impression: It is far easier to take your time and make the right first impression than too spend time fixing the wrong one.

Know where your audience is: There are plenty of social media sites out there, all of which have a different audience and serve a different purpose. Go to the site that your target audience populates. Take the time to do the research to find out where they are. In my case as a blogger, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest are where I get most of my traffic from.

Share too often: Just as there is email spam, there is social media spam. When posting too much on social networking sites people tend to stop paying attention to what you are saying. It isn’t that you have ten excellent tips to help your customers or clients that you can’t post them, but it is better to schedule those posts to come out perhaps two a day over a week. Keep in mind, you want people to pay attention to what you have to say, not roll their eyes and click right past your post.

Reputation management: Building a strong, well-liked brand using social media marketing can do much more than help sell your products or services. Strong brand with a loyal following cultivated by engaging your followers can help you bounce back from any negative comments or reviews your company has received. It is the reason why a company like Toyota has bounced back from some really awful press.


One of the underrated strategies that not many bloggers/business owners are taking advantage of to keep visitors on your site, is by chatting to them. Asking your new visitors if they need any help, explanation or a question. Not only it builds connection with your visitors, it makes them believe that your website is a reliable place where they can get their voice heard and opinion valued. MobileMonkey has made it easy and possible to do so! 
MobileMonkey is a Facebook Chatbot Builder, which you can take the chatbot that you create and put it into your website. As simple as that.
Starting with a free trial they offer everything you need to design and deploy successful messenger marketing campaign that will drive decent results for your blog/website. Sign Up FOR FREE
The 80/20 rule
This is important. We have stressed that social media isn’t really about you, it’s about your audience. Social media isn’t really a place where you sell your product or service right off the bat. So when you are online using your various social media tools, keep in mind that 80 percent of your time should be spent on activities that are not self-promoting and really no more than 20 per cent should be spent on self-promotion. Social media marketing is about helping your customer/client.

Quality over quantity
This is twofold. It is far better to post content that is useful to your customer be it only once a day or a couple of times a week than to flood them with useless crud (in a nice way).

*WpEngine 5 Months Free


Social media marketing strategies and tactics




Social Media marketing is all about content. Quality content drives traffic. It gets the reader’s attention and motives them to take action. What is the most important part of quality content on the web? Keywords.
Search engine optimization {SEO} cannot be ignored in the realm of social media marketing. SEO, in simple terms, is the art of formatting your website’s pages and your website as a whole so it shows up in the first page, or ideally No. 1, in the search engine results page for a given search phrase, Which is a keyword.

Use Google trends tool to help find out what people are searching for. Type in a keyword that you think your customers are looking for, all the related keywords will show plus how many times that phrase was searched for in the previous month and how much competition there is for the phrase.
Twitter is ideal for short links. Build your own page with a nice informative description.
Follow people that are trying to get the same massage across or are promoting similar products.
Pro tip: Go into pages related to your content with good number of followers and start following their followers.
That’s how you gain followers who care about your content in a short period of time.

Pinterest is a great business tool I use myself daily to drive traffic to my website.
Create a business account for free and start making boards with relevant keywords. Add pins to your boards, create more and more.
Pro tip: when creating a pin make sure you use high searched key words in your description and a nice attractive photo. Use tailwind for an automatic pin and repines.
Follow those efficient tips for a better social media marketing. Make sure you apply the 20/80 rule on all your social media platforms.
Hope you found this article helpful if so, make sure you subscribe for more.
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