5 Efficient Strategies To Make Your Money Work For You 2020

Powerful Ways To Make Money Work For You
Powerful Ways To Make Money Work For You

One of the most asked questions online is, how do you Make Money Work for you?

Instead of working for money, how do you take that money and turn it into something that generates you an income. In Other words, Passive Income.

Working at a job is the easiest way to make money, where you are getting paid for your hard work.
What most people don’t realise is that you can be the one owning a company having employees to work hard for you. It is possible!

The Passive Income concept depends on two concepts. One is Time, second is Patience.
In this post I’m going to share 5 ways (Not the Only Ways) that are practical when it comes to making money.
Some of these methods take a while to generate income and some will generate income very quickly:

Sell products on eBay
Buy products with a high market demand. The way to do is you find top-selling products on eBay and you go and find a supplier who can either make that product or has the same one.
Sell products on eBay

Then you differentiate the products somehow. When you scroll down on eBay and look at a bunch of products one of them stands out, be that one! Adding more value to your product is what make it unique

Often times adding a tiny bit of accessory with the main product is very little cost to you but, the perception value to your potential buyer goes up dramatically. 

You can generate an Income within a week or two. Take all the profit and buy more, keep doing that until you slowly build up an empire.

Buy a house or a condo and rent it out
This takes longer because it is a higher cost entry, but it is totally worth it. This is the best example for passive income.
When ever it is being rented out it is creating money that comes in. The nice thing about that is it gives you an opportunity once you’ve proven that concept to pay someone else to take care of the place.
Buy a house or a condo and rent it out

If you stick with it for the long haul you can weather a lot of market drops!

Create Training Series
Creating training series AKA courses on something you’re good at, do not have to be an expert in and sell it online repeatedly
Create Training Series

I believe that everyone has knowledge in a certain area or niche to a degree that no one else has. With an online course, the most important step is the marketing, where it determines the success of the course. 
Having a trusted brand online where you provide people with constant knowledge helps promoting any course or teaching method online.
With an online course there is a lot of work up front, but it is a lot of money long term.

Write an eBook
Write about something that you are an expert in and sell it on kindle or a similar app.
Easiest example is to write about your life story. No one could compete with that, no one has lived your life! 
Nice thing about an app like kindle is that you make it once and it sells for you.

Calling up businesses
This is one is a little different, more like entrepreneur’s mind-set but it has worked for many.

Call up a bunch of businesses and ask them what their greatest struggle is and then see if you can provide them with a solution.

Find out what is something that they are struggling with.

Calling up businesses

There is a guy that asked a business what they were struggling with the most. The business had a problem with accounting issues, this guy has created a web to fix their issue. He ended up being a multi made millionaire just from reaching out to others.

Those were 5 Efficient Strategies to Make Your Money Work for You. Remember to always think about what the customer wants and what the customer needs. Try to find an industry you enjoy working in.

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