Free Tools To Increase Website Traffic And Ranking Rapidly Fast In 2020

Free Tools To Increase Website Traffic And Ranking Rapidly Fast In 2021

Free tools to increase website traffic and ranking

increase website traffic

Have you ever wanted your website to appear at the top of Google Search Engine Results? As a website owner, you know how it can be sometimes to increase website traffic organically without having to pay anything.

But this task isn’t easy, requiring Smart Tricks, proper keyword research, and consistency to start increasing your website traffic

There aren’t many Free Tools to increase website traffic and Ranking rabidly fast in 2021, however, I’m about to share with you the rare ones that every website owner should know about.  

It is difficult when you are starting out as a Small Business Owner to figure out the Free Tools to use for driving rabid traffic fast. By reading this article you are going to acknowledge the free tools that you need to start using right now for better Google search results and better traffic.  

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is essential in the process of increasing the quantity and quality of your website traffic. A better SEO = Better business traffic and growth.

To help increase website traffic and ranking, without paying for help.

Here are some free tools to increase website traffic and ranking .

Google trends

Google Trend is a Google keyword tool, Which You can explore what the world is searching, track a keyword interest over time and by sub region.

The comparison feature is my favorite. You can compare the interest overtime rate between two key phrases. For example, if you want to compare the phereses ‘money online’ and ‘make money, to see which one will get more audience.

increase website traffic
As you can see the red line is make money and it is searched way more than money online.

Google analytics

increase website traffic

Google Analytics is used as a monitoring tool for traffic, but it is essential if you want to take advantage of the information.

It shows states like the bounce rate, organic traffic, traffic sources, time on site, speed, and much more.  

All this information could be easily used to see what drives the most traffic and what doesn’t. It provides insights on how to boost your SEO and land more traffic. To increase website traffic if you have Google AdSense on your website.

Google Analytics lets you know which ads are getting the most clicks and where the best placement for them are.

Google webmasters

increase website traffic

This one is the ‘mother’ of SEO increasement.

Google Search Console is a tool that helps to rank and show your website on Google, detecting any issues found.

You can check the total web search clicks, coverage, performance, and much more. URL Inspection Tool is the main source for indexing your website which helps show the results on Google search results. Submit your sitemap to get started.  

And finally, don’t use these paid/free shortcut tools for driving traffic to your site. They rarely work and if they do, they won’t do well!  

Hope you found this article helpful. For any further inquiries make sure you contact us. Good luck on increasing your website traffic.

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