Reasons why most blogs fail

Why do blogs fail!?

When launching a blog most beginners are excited and keen to start writing to their future audience and building their brand however, the sad truth is that most blogs get abandoned within the first three months of their launch.  

There are millions of websites out there and plenty of posts published every day, very few of those bloggers succussed and get recognition.    

Those who succussed, their success is reasonable and so is those who fail, it is reasonable too.   

What most people don’t know yet is that blogging is an uphill struggle. Think of it as climbing a mountain if kept on pushing while in the right path you will eventually make it!  

Here are 3 main reasons why most blogs fail

Focusing on stats too early

Focusing on stats too early

Looking at the stats and analytics of your audience is important to know what they like and what they engage in.   

The mistake most beginners make is they get obsessed with stats yet then depressed and lose motivation when no one is reading their blogs.    

It takes time, usually around three months to get recognition on google and SEO.   

Focus on Write interesting passionate content with a posting schedule. Given the right time (usually more than three months) and then see the stats skyrocket.    

Too Keen to earn

Too Keen to earn

Many new bloggers only start blogging with the intention to earn which is why they quit after not earning enough within a short period of time.   

Your main intention for blogging should not just be to earn or make money from your blog but rather to impact lives.   

You shouldn’t just expect to eat without working; your blog is not just a platform to make you eat while being lazy.  

Get off yourself that old mentality: “make money doing nothing”. I don’t think it is possible to make money doing nothing, try to give value, build your trust, gain credibility for yourself and you will reap the rewards.

Lack of original content and passion

Lack of original content and passion

Content originality and passion are linked.   

They’re both important for a successful blog or brand. Most beginners struggle to find their niche and passion, so they end up copying other’s hard-working content producing little to no original content.   

It may take a while to find your passion but copying others can kill your blog on the short and long term run.   

If you ever make it without producing a full original passionate sourced content, unfortunately, you won’t last long.    

Reality check time:

  • It’s rare that you will find a niche to blog about.
  • There are tons of blogs competing with you.
  • No one knows your new blog.
  • You are going to make mistakes that will affect subscription sign ups.
  • You won’t know how to setup your content to be picked up by Google search.
  • You may not get any followers for months.

The take? It is all a matter of time, hard work, planning, and making the right decision. Good luck on your blogging journey.     

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