Most profitable blog niches in 2019

Best 5 niche ideas for a successful blog

Best 5 niche ideas for a successful blog
Top niches for 2019
You want to start a blog but not sure what to write about or maybe you have got a clue but don’t know if it’ll work out?
Before starting a blog, the most important thing you want to address is your niche and how much it interests you and If you can help others with your knowledge.
 In this blog I’m going to share with you 5 best, easy and profitable niches in 2019.
But before that you need to know why a blog niche is important.
A niche is like the base of a house if it is supported well the house on the long run is great.
 What most people don’t realise is in blogging, when it comes to finding a niche it is about finding something that you are passionate about on the long run. 
2 years from now, will you still find it interesting and enjoy writing about it?

Top 2019 niches:

Marketing and business

Marketing and business

In this field no one has a clue what to do or what the next step is, giving the slightest bit of information is all it takes for success in this field.

The profit may be high but keep in mind when entering this niche, you are entering one of the most competitive niches, competing with some of the smartest marketers in the world.


This field is unlimited. Just think about what it takes to raise a child from clothes and food to behaviour management. 

There are hundreds of products just for parent as well. It is one of the best profitable blogs a new blogger can start.

It is universal- parents are everywhere!



This is a HUGE niche online and one of the easiest to start. Here are some inspirations:

Diets: Follow the trendy new diets. Everyone is looking to lose weight and get in shape.
Nutrition and supplements: You could dedicate your blog to bodybuilders who need the correct and the right nutrition and supplements.
Meditation: share some tips and daily habits to clear your mind and relax the soul.
Self-care: this one is good for affiliate links. You could promote a lot of self-care products and provide tips on it.
Skin care: not everyone has a clear shiny skin. Help people achieve that achieve that and discus ways to reduce acne and other common skin problems.

Fashion and makeup

Fashion and makeup
Fashion along with makeup are the most searched topics. Everyone wants to some what fashionable. Follow up with good makeup products and tutorials.


Everyone is striving for self-improvement help people become the best versions of themselves. 

Offer tips on time management, communication skills, and positive thinking strategies.
Overall, the most profitable and popular blog niches are about things people are looking for or trying to improve on. From marketing and finance, parenting, health, fashion to self-improvement. Go out and start your own journey.
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