Money Saving Tips For Australian Students

5 money saving hacks for students in Australia
5 money saving hacks for students in Australia
The key to financial success and independence is being aware of where you’re your spending your money and cutting out the bad habits.
As a student myself in Australia, it is way more expensive than it should be. Books, tuition, food, rent (If an independent student) and more, they cost thousands a month.
It is very hard to stick to a budget and manage money, let alone saving money!
However, when it comes to money, small changes in our habits and lifestyle is what matters and makes a big difference that could potentially help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

5 tips to save money as a student

Make a budget

Make a budget
This is the number one necessity when it comes to saving money. Sticking to a budget every month gives you the ultimate knowledge on where you spend the most and how to slow down your crucial habits. 
It assigns the money to do certain things plus make a saving limit each month to check on your progress. 
Do not go shopping when you are hungry, do not make impulse purchases and most importantly not to buy brand new technology once they come out.
Don’t pay for travel fees
Don’t pay for travel fees
This one may seem both incredibly simple and surprisingly harsh. 
This one will improve both time management skills and health. Instead of paying for travel fees (bus, train, uber, etc….) walk! Yes, when walking you must calculate the time taken. 
After just 2 weeks you will start noticing how much you saved and how much weight you lost.
Buy used textbooks
Buy used textbooks
Sell your old ones and instead of buying new ones, go on gumtree, studentVIP or eBay. You can save a lot of money buying second-hand textbooks.
Pay bills on time
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It might seem simple but paying it on the right time means you will avoid sneaky late fees.
Live with others
Live with others
Uni days are even more exciting when living in a share house with good mates. You will share amazing unforgettable memories.

Final word, these steps are not easy but they are a must for saving money and achieving your own financial goals. 

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