HOW To Structure A Successful Blog On Blogger For Free In 2020 For New Startups (NEW)

Start a successful blog in 2020

Start a successful blog in 2020


If you are a beginner blogger or someone that wants to start a blog in 2020, I encourage you to read carefully the instructions in this blog on how to build a successful blog for startups. You will learn how to find a suitable niche, generate organic traffic and ways which you can make money. Good amount!
Keep in mind that succeeding in the blogging industry is not easy at all, in fact it is mentally draining and time consuming especially for a beginner. Patience and consistency are a must.
What is a blog?
A blog is a website where newly content is published frequently with a goal or a massage to send across which can generate money online.
Why do you want to start?
Pick up a pen and paper and write down your top 5 reasons to why you what to start a blog and are you capable of solving issues that people face daily.
 This is important because according to stats, blogs get abandoned withinthe first 3 months.
 Why? you may ask. Many reasons, some of them are having no goal and purpose of the blog, lack of planning, lack of motivation, lack of consistency and many more.
So, make sure you have a strong reason as to why you want to start a blog.
In this case I’m going to share with you how to start a successful blog on BlogSpot.
First thing first is finding your niche.
This one is probably one of the hardest steps. Finding a niche that you are in love with and know a lot about. You are going to write about it permanently, trust me changing a niche could be very frustrating and a reason why you want to quite that’s why choose something you know about.

 Give it time and relax while coming up with the best ideas. Remember you are solving issues that people face, that’s how you attract readers and visitors.
After finding your niche start your blog with picking a name.
Now that you got you interesting niche, start your blog (in this case on BlogSpot). Register with your google account. pick an interesting name that can draw people’s attention.
Buy a custom domain base on your name and it is best to choose .com for example mine is 
Why BlogSpot

It is hand down the easiest platform to use with so much freedom for coding and adding your own content, the hosting is absolutely for free, however I do recommend you buy a customer domain which I will get into later.
After starting your blog, you need to upload a mobile friendly, fast XML free template. I used my template from this website.
Link it with google
Google Analytics


An important step before starting your blog that I myself ignored at first is linking Google analytics to your blog. It shows all stats that you need to study your audience. Most important one is the bounce rate which is for how long people are staying on your website for.

Webmaster tools
Google webmaster tool is another great way of tracking your website on search engine. This is important because you need to make a sitemap and submit it to webmaster tools for your website to appear on search engines. Find out more about indexing and crawling.
Start creating content
Now that you have set everything up you are ready to unleash the beast within you and post awesome content constantly to your awesome audience.
Promote your content
Build a social media army with your brand name using all social media tools.
What matters the most in blogging
  1. Original content
  2. Long-Informative content
  3. Consistency is a must.
  4. And remember hard work always pays off.
Making money

Making money
After publishing a certain amount of posts (about 30) informative, long clear ones.
 Having a clear website, about us page, privacy policy and a clear navigation bar with all, a beautiful button will open for you,Earnings to link ads to your website.
I hope you found this post interesting, let me know if you need any help by contacting us.
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