Discover 7 Unconventional Travel Hacks 2019-2020

7 unconventional travel hacks for a good trip
Discover 7 Unconventional Travel Hacks 2019-2020
Travelling is for the soul to gain deep satisfaction with new learnt skills. Being exposed to new places, cultures and people will develop a broader world view.
But travelling is not all fun, there are some boring chores that needs to be done like packing, organizing, planning…etc.
From my own experience of travelling around I found some hacks that will make travelling much easier and enjoyable for you.
Discover the 7 travel hacks that will make your life easier
Use ‘private browsing’ for cheaper flights in 2019
Use ‘private browsing’ for cheaper flights in 2019
This one is a very important first step before travelling. Booking a cheaper flight. 
Turning on private browsing for a much lower price flight prices online. When visiting travel sites, they install cookies on your browser, which can make the prices you’re shown to rise because you’ve searched for those flights before. 
They use this trick so you can buy flights sooner and higher in price, cheeky trick! Use private browsing instead.
Roll clothes when packing
Roll clothes when packing
Roll your clothes for much more space. Simple but efficient travel hack, instead of folding clothes which is the norm, roll them up into big burritos. Other than saving space, it stops wrinkles. Pretty lovely!
Mark baggage as fragile 

Mark baggage as fragile

I learned this trick after having some of my items broken. 

It is a great way to ensure that you baggage is handled correctly. They put your luggage at the top, which makes it the first to arrive!

Get a portable phone charger
Get a portable phone charger
This one might seem very simple, but it is very useful. 
You won’t realise how fast your phone runs out of battery when travelling, especially long travels. A portable charger is a power bank, some of them charge for +2 hours. 
It is worth having.
Use glass cases for cables and chargers
Use glass cases for cables and chargers
Put shoes in a shower cap
Put shoes in a shower cap
Don’t buy water at the airport instead save an empty water bottle and refill after passing security
save an empty water bottle

Here I listed 7 unconventional hacks and tips to make your travel much easier and more enjoyable.

Have a safe trip 😊
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