Common Mistakes beginner bloggers make

Common blogging mistakes beginners make

blogging mistakes

When you start blogging, it is common to get caught up in the excitement of it so much so, that you start making small mistakes that will get bigger along the way.    

Being a beginner in the blogging industry is not easy and it could cost you a couple of mistakes until you figure out what works best for you.  

I know from my personal experience how easy it is to get started but how hard it is to stick to it and push through with making little to no mistakes.  

When I first started out my blog, I had published more than 4 posts in one day and was more than happy for that accomplishment nevertheless after about a week I had no views and zero-page visits. That hit me hard and I knew what I did wrong. This is where my journey took off.  

Here are common mistakes most beginners make

Not building a social empire

blogging mistakes

This is the mistake that I made and preventing you from making.   

Before even starting your blog or posting the first post, you need to build a social media empire. Start your Pinterest account, make boards and build followers. Do the same with all other platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…. etc).   

This will help you start out by building your audience foundation and excitement around your blog.  

Not setting a schedule

blogging mistakes

I can’t stress how important setting a publishing schedule is.    How many posts are you capable of publishing and promoting weekly?   

Find the right plan that works best for you and stick to it, this will help in the long run and makes blogging much more efficient.  

Pro tip: always write multiple pre-blog posts and ideas you have on word and then publish them on a scheduled day depending on your plan. You will find more time to promote your blog.  

Not using images

blogging mistakes

Another one of the common blogging mistakes is not using multiple images in published articles.

One image can say a thousand words.   

Images are a way of sucking your audience into your article and make it 10 times more readable and easier to understand.   

Link relevant images that explain your topic.  

Not using analytics

blogging mistakes

When I first started, I had no clue what analytics were and why they are so important for my blog.    Analytics are stats that include your audience numbers, traffic source, site content, acquisition and much more.    

It is a way of studying your audience and see what they like the most.   

Set up google analytics once you start your blog. Don’t underestimate how important it is.  

Not writing enough content

Write More Content

When starting out you want to make sure you are writing a minimum of 300 original content words and post 3-5 posts at least weekly. 

One of the biggest blogging mistakes beginners make is underestimating the power of long useful content.

Long content helps you get recognition by Google crawlers and higher the chances of monetization.        

I hope you found those tips helpful. Try to avoid these blogging mistakes as much as possible and learn from mine. If you want any help starting out, make sure you contact us and subscribe for more content.  

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