Best Daily Routine To Get Things Done

Daily Routine Creates Success
Daily Routine Creates Success

Having a daily routine to follow is the best way for productivity and getting things done. 
It can get boring after a while but that’s when you set up higher goals.
your daily routine may be very different depending on your goals and lifestyle.
You must find the best daily routine that suits your way of thinking, activity and limits. If you already have one, you can better it by adding more to it.

How to know if the routine is right for you?


Having a routine is about balancing different aspects of life. 

Having fun, getting work done, exercising, eating healthy and most importantly socialising.

If you can get work done and take care of yourself mentally and physically throughout the day with little to no stress, then it is the right one for you.

Here is a quick brief of My daily routine.

  • Waking up early in the morning (usually 6AM – 8AM)
  • Make my bed. If there is one habit you should adopt to better your life, it is making your bed every morning It is the first task by doing it your brain releases a little dopamine.
  • Eating a healthy well-balanced breakfast. Including a cup of coffee.
  • Go to school (for 7 hours). A place where I work and socialise.
  • Once I come back, I grab lunch rest for a bit and go to training.
  • After training, I take a shower and have dinner with my family.
  • After that, I usually write one to two blogs and post them first thing next day.
  • And finally get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

This is a powerful routine where I get things done with little to no stress.

 The small repeated actions can have a powerful effect. By enforcing routines in the morning and evening, you can set yourself for maximum productivity every day.

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