Best 5 places to promote your latest blog

5 fantastic places to promote your latest blog for free

Top 5 places to promote your latest blog
Get your blog heard

Writing an awesome content is great but it is less than half the job. 

When it comes to blogging Marketing and promotion are what matters the most, you need to find the best places with high traffic audience.

Luckily with today’s social media channels there are plenty of decent places to promote your blog that will increase your traffic flow on the long term too.
Keep in mind you need to consistently promote new and old blogs to keep them in circulation.

Top 5 places to promote your blog


Pinterest is the number one place bloggers promote their latest content. 
After years of using social media I only got introduced to Pinterest lately and it has changed my life.
 After a month of promoting my contact, my traffic went up by %70. What is great about Pinterest is the simplicity in creating pins and boards.

Email list

Email list
Building an email list is a powerful way of keeping in touch with your audience and make them come back. 
An easy way to build an email list is to have googlefeedburner and get email addresses of new subscribers. 
You can send out emails using a free service like Mailerlite (free for 1000 subscribers).


This place is slept on.

 A blog is a place where readers fins answers to their questions. 
Quora has a similar function, you can use it to promote your blog by asking the questions. Keep scrolling till you find a popular question with high up votes and give an expert answer with promotion related to your blog.    


Twitter is a place with high daily users.
 Make sure to promote the same post a few times as the half-life of a tweet is very short. 
Mix up and change the wording to attract new readers.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting

This one is probably the easiest. 

By just adding a comment into a popular blog that is related to the same topic as yours. 
This can be a great marketing tool.

Try them out and watch the traffic sky rocket.

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